Beer-Marinated Citrus Grilled Chicken

Beer-Marinated Citrus Grilled Chicken

Recipe Rating: 3.39973
Serves 4 to 6
We're crazy for the simple flavors of this easy dish, but feel free to take some liberties. Replace the lemons with oranges, add a sprinkling of chopped rosemary to the marinade or garnish the grilled chicken with fresh cilantro.
  • 12 ounces (1 1/2 cups) beer, preferably lager style
  • 2/3 cup marmalade
  • 2 teaspoons coarse sea salt
  • 1 teaspoon ground black pepper
  • 1 whole (3 1/2- to 4-pound) chicken, cut into 8 pieces
  • 3 lemons
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In a small bowl, whisk together beer, marmalade, salt and pepper. Transfer 3 tablespoons of the mixture to a small bowl, cover and refrigerate (this will be used for drizzling over the grilled chicken). Pour remaining mixture into a large resealable plastic bag and add chicken pieces. Cut each lemon into quarters, remove and discard any seeds, and add lemons to the bag. Remove excess air, seal the bag, place it on a plate and refrigerate at least 8 hours or overnight.

When ready to cook, prepare a charcoal grill for medium-heat cooking or preheat a gas grill to medium. Once hot, make a cooler place on the grill by either pushing the hot coals to one side or turning one of the grill's heating units off or to low; this will give you a place to move chicken pieces, if they begin to flare up or cook too quickly.

Remove chicken and lemons from the bag; discard marinade. Grill, turning pieces frequently and moving pieces to the cool area on your grill as necessary. Grill until chicken is well-browned and juices run clear when pierced with the tip of a paring knife, about 15 minutes for smaller pieces and 20 minutes for larger pieces. Grill lemons until they are browned and very soft. (Since the lemons marinated with the raw chicken, they must reach a temperature of at least 165°F to ensure that they are safe to eat.)

Transfer lemons and chicken to a platter and drizzle with reserved beer and marmalade mixture.
Nutritional Info: 
Per Serving: 430 calories (250 from fat), 28g total fat, 8g saturated fat, 140mg cholesterol, 230mg sodium, 9g carbohydrates, (1 g dietary fiber, 5g sugar), 34g protein.
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