Cranberry Popcorn Crunch

Cranberry Popcorn Crunch

Serves 10
Made with pantry items, this is a fun, simple treat for kids and adults alike.
  • 10 cups lightly salted popcorn
  • 2 cups semi-sweet real chocolate chips (12 ounce bag)
  • 1 1/2 cup dried cranberries
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Spread popcorn out on a large rimmed baking sheet, should be one layer. (Or cover area of table or counter with wax paper/white freezer paper and spread one layer of popcorn on it, making sure all kernels are touching.) Sprinkle evenly with 1/2 of the dried cranberries.

Melt the chocolate chips by either the stovetop or microwave.

Stovetop: place the chips in a mixing bowl (glass or metal) placed over a pot of barely simmering water. Make sure the bowl doesn't touch the boiling water so the chocolate won't burn. Stir often while melting.

Microwave: heat at half power for two minutes at a time. Stir often to avoid burning.

Once chocolate is fully melted, transfer to a large heavy duty freezer bag that has been opened and set into a small bowl for support. Seal bag, carefully snip off a small part of one corner with scissors.

Working quickly, squeeze chocolate over popcorn and cranberries, keeping in mind the chocolate will help them stick together. Sprinkle remaining 1/2 of dried cranberries on the warm chocolate and popcorn. Let cool and chocolate will harden. Break into large or small chunks and store in an airtight container or sealed bag for up to two days.
Nutritional Info: 
Per Serving: 250 calories (100 from fat), 11g total fat, 6g saturated fat, 45mg sodium, 42g carbohydrates, (4 g dietary fiber, 30g sugar), 2g protein.
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