Smoked Salmon Crêpes with Creamed Peas


Sweet cherries get a flavorful topping made from dates, almonds and nutritious chia seeds. This is a superb fresh dessert, yet is healthful enough to serve for snacks.

Make and frost this old-fashioned double-layer cake a day or two in advance, if you like. Simply keep it covered in the refrigerator until ready to serve and the tangy buttermilk and applesauce in the batter will help to keep the cake moist.

Easy as 1-2-3, this creamy, sweet and cool snack or dessert proves that added sugar and oil are not always necessary to satisfy your cravings. Keep some peeled bananas in your freezer so they'll be ready when you are.

This wonderfully aromatic chicken dish is short on prep and big on flavor. It's also a great dish to make ahead the day before and reheat — it's even tastier after the flavors meld.

Rich nuts and sweet dates make a tasty topping for mixed berries in this no-cook version of berry crisp.

It's hard to believe when you taste them, but these sweet treasures are gluten free, egg free and dairy free. They're perfect for birthday parties, holidays or any occasion where there's a reason to celebrate with moist, delicious cupcakes.

If you're a mushroom lover, use different varieties of mushrooms like shiitake, portobello or cremini in this rich, savory sauté. For extra flavor, try using olive oil from the jar of tomatoes in lieu of regular olive oil.

This is a burger that requires a ravenous appetite and begs to be eaten in generous mouthfuls, each including all of the different components. Recipe courtesy of the cooks at

In this kid-friendly recipe, egg salad can be used instead of hummus, if you like.


Let the kids scoop ice cream, pour milk and crush cookies to make these fresh mango and vanilla shakes, topped with old-fashioned whipped cream.

This healthful alternative to bottled barbecue sauce is sweetened with dates, and fragrant with onion, garlic, chili powder and mustard.

A tasty alternative to traditional pickle relish, spoon this cantaloupe and honeydew condiment onto pork, chicken or turkey burgers for a mix-and-match burger bar, or serve alongside cheese, fruit and crackers.

Tangy teriyaki sauce is delicious for basting grilled chicken, and it makes a surprising dressing for this romaine and red pepper salad, too. This will be your go-to salad all summer long.

Creamy tahini and tart wine vinegar dress whole wheat couscous, tossed with tomatoes, zucchini and garbanzo beans. Follow the time-saving techniques in the method to make extra-quick work of this salad or light main course.

Ideal for summer parties and backyard barbecues, this take on potato salad includes lots of crunchy celery, piquant fresh arugula and a mayo- and cider vinegar-dressing that combines it all perfectly.

An eye-catching ice and fruit ring keeps this mix of dry white wine and tart Italian soda cold for ages. Fancy enough for brunch, but easy enough to pull off anytime, make this party pleaser non-alcoholic for kids by doubling the soda and omitting the wine.

Treat Mom to this spa salad, a mix of tender bulgur, crunchy cucumbers and radishes, and sweet melon, all dressed with lemon juice and fresh mint. Add other hydrating ingredients like thinly sliced lettuce, or top with poached, shredded chicken, if you like.

Topped with tangy, fresh goat cheese, juicy pimientos and artichoke hearts, this summer take on the grilled cheese sandwich raises the bar. Luckily, the recipe easily doubles or triples to feed last-minute company.