Easiest Lime Granita


Toss these easy homemade croutons in salads, sprinkle over soups and stews or fold into hot scrambled eggs and omelets.

This is excellent way to savor Le Gruyère either as a starter or as the finish to a meal. Start with the cheese slightly chilled to help you cut neat, very thin shavings.

Creamy coconut rice and tangy cucumber salad make delicious partners to chicken satay served with a rich peanut sauce.

Here’s a dish with classic autumn flavors: sage, maple and apple. It’s a great alternative to roasting a whole turkey for holiday celebrations.

This festive party snack pairs delightfully with a glass of bubbly. For a fun presentation, arrange the cheese straws in flute-style champagne glasses.

This easy, flavorful cooking method for broccoli would work equally well with asparagus or broccoli rabe. Salting the water generously is key to delicious results; the water should taste almost as salty as sea water.

Robust flavors of grilled swordfish and briny olives pair perfectly in this simple main-course salad.

Turn lemonade into a light frozen dessert with just a little time and patience. A dollop of whipped Greek yogurt and fresh berries make for a refreshing summer treat.

These vegan treats are perfect with a light spreading of fruit-sweetened raspberry jam instead of frosting.


This is a spectacular and simple roast for holidays and special occasions. The meat and bones are served together on the platter because there is usually plenty of meat left on the bones and someone at the table may like to have one.

A steaming bowl of this thick stew is said to bring luck for the coming year, but you don't need ro relegate this dish to a New Year's menu. Smoky ham and vegetables enhance simple black-eyed peas and rice. Note that the black-eyed peas need to be soaked for at...

Garnish this thick, velvety soup with an extra dollop of sour cream and pinch of chopped fresh thyme, if you like.

Haitian households celebrate their country's Independence Day with bowls of this comforting soup. The national holiday falls on New Year's Day, when Haitians walk from house to house to pay friends and family the first visits of the New Year.

This side dish of roasted sweet root vegetables is a perfect accompaniment to roasted chicken or pork tenderloin. A side of bitter greens, like mustard greens, offers a nice balance to the sweetness.

This hearty breakfast meal, full of fresh tomatoes and mushrooms, gets much of its terrific flavor and texture from the English muffins that line the bottom of the dish.

Panettone, a sweet bread dotted with soft raisins and candied citrus fruit peels, makes fabulous baked French toast. This update breakfast favorite can be assembled and chilled the night before baking.

This elegant, simple preparation for beef tenderloin is a classic. To serve a larger crowd, simply double the oil-herb rub and roast an entire beef tenderloin (3 1/2 to 4 lbs.), cut crosswise into two pieces.

Fill these oat and nut cookies with your favorite fruit juice sweetened jam. We think strawberry, raspberry and apricot jams are particularly good.