Smoked Salmon Crêpes with Creamed Peas


This festive party snack pairs delightfully with a glass of bubbly. For a fun presentation, arrange the cheese straws in flute-style champagne glasses.

This easy, flavorful cooking method for broccoli would work equally well with asparagus or broccoli rabe. Salting the water generously is key to delicious results; the water should taste almost as salty as sea water.

Robust flavors of grilled swordfish and briny olives pair perfectly in this simple main-course salad.

These vegan treats are perfect with a light spreading of fruit-sweetened raspberry jam instead of frosting.

This fragrant, whole grain dessert features coconut milk for richness and dried fruits for sweetness.

Cowgirl Creamery's Organic Mt. Tam triple-crème cheese helps make a rich sauce for this pasta loaded with classic cheese-friendly flavors from spinach, mushrooms and bacon (if you wish).

Let the tomatoes do the talking with this raw version of a spaghetti-night essential. Use this sauce over hot pasta, raw vegetable ribbons or poached fish or poultry. You can season it to taste with salt and freshly ground pepper or red pepper flakes if you like....

This appetizer of toasted garlic bread dipped in creamy baked goat cheese and tomato sauce is inspired by the classic Spanish tapas, Queso de Cabra con Tomate.

Potato salad is one of those dishes that can help limit the cost of a summer get-together. Learn to make this one, then try a few of your own special touches--maybe curry powder, chopped hard-cooked eggs, black olives or roasted red peppers?


Enjoy the summer harvest with this delicious salad. Freshly grated parmesan provides the best flavor but experiment with other cheeses like feta, gruyère or Manchego, if you like.

Brown rice is a nutritious whole grain that delivers fiber, protein and selenium. It is not another type of rice; it's the same as white rice without all the good stuff removed in processing.

This is hearty, satisfying fare that we've dished up in entrée-sized portions because all you need to make it a meal is a big green salad. Clam juice adds additional seafood flavor, but feel free to simply use water and you won't be disappointed.

This is hearty, satisfying fare that we've dished up in entrée-sized portions because all you need to make it a meal is a big green salad. The unique addition of tomato paste contributes wonderful rich flavor.

Substitute shrimp, chicken, tempeh and/or any sale-priced vegetables when making this quick dish with no added fat! Grass-fed beef is a healthier option because studies suggest that grass-fed beef is lower in fat than grain-fed beef.

Whole wheat pasta and flour gives this hearty macaroni and cheese a pleasant nuttiness.

As you eat this unique recipe the juicy, roasted tomatoes break apart into the pasta to make the sauce right on your plate. People at the table might not even notice the extra serving of vegetables you "hid" by grating squash into the pasta, but the flavor will...

This is a super tasty way to get vegetables into the morning meal. Try substituting broccoli or asparagus for the spinach, add sausage or veggie sausage, or use warm whole wheat tortillas or naan in place of the pitas.