Fresh Cherry Limeade


Joe from Louisiana sent us this recipe for a walnut and chickpea dip brightened with fresh herbs and citrus juice. Think hummus, with the richness supplied by walnuts instead of sesame. Spread on crostini, toasted pita or rounds of English cucumber.

A simple tasty tactic uses toasted sunflower seeds sprinkled on top of hummus to give it additional richness and crunch when served with raw vegetable and pretzel dippers. For a boost of color and flavor, stir some paprika into the hummus along with the sunflower...

Since you’re using the whole orange, choose organic citrus to make this traditional bittersweet spread, if you can. Package for gift giving with our downloadable...

Bottled organic juice is the ultimate shortcut in this quick recipe that kids can help with. Use lemon, lime or a combo and choose your favorite sweetener: sugar, honey or stevia.

Serve this perfect frittata for one with a green salad on the side, if you like.

This homemade hummus makes an absolutely delicious dip, perfect for entertaining or a snack. Pair with lightly toasted pita bread, crisp veggies, feta cheese, stuffed grape leaves and a selection of olives. Cannellini or Great Northern beans can be substituted for...

This simple corn bread recipe can be used as the basis for any cornbread stuffing recipe.

Forbidden black rice originated in China. Although the rice may initially look black, it's really dark purple and will color its cooking liquid with a beautiful lilac tint. Enjoy this rice pudding hot, cold or at room temperature with equally delicious results.

Green garbanzo beans purée to a creamy texture for this simple variation on hummus that is bright, fresh and green. Serve with crisp raw veggies and pita chips or tortilla chips.


We updated this beloved casserole by omitting some of the butter and cheese and using whole grain pasta, too. The results are divine.

Breakfast, brunch or lunch for a crowd of house guests is not always easy and affordable. This recipe fills them up without draining your wallet. Double it by making twice the grits and sauteing the vegetables and shrimp in batches to keep from crowding the skillet...

Here's a hearty, flavorful dish that takes care of a few special diet needs your guests may have. It can simultaneously serve as a gluten-free, vegetarian side dish or a main course for four. Use any mushrooms you like, including cremini, oyster or portobello.

This is a great make-ahead recipe. Cool completely then freeze in an airtight container. Reheat frozen or thawed stew slowly in a large covered pot over medium-low heat until completely hot. Serve with lime wedges, warm naan bread and fruit chutney.

Serve these tender apples with a sweet-tart filling alongside roasted turkey or pork, a delicious pairing with the apples' hint of cardamom--though you could substitute cinnamon. They make a great stuffing alternative for those who don't eat wheat or gluten.

With its beautiful colors and pleasing balance of textures and flavors, this dish is bound to become one of your most requested recipes. Serve it either as a first course or a side dish to a fall or winter meal.

Hard winter squashes can be intimidating, but they are actually very simple to prepare as well as satisfying, nutritious and affordable! Butternut squash, for example, delivers healthy carbohydrates, vitamins A and C plus potassium.

Lettuce and chicken cozy up in this easy meal that's short on prep, big on wow.

These tasty cookies are great with a small scoop of frozen yogurt on the side.