Mango Butter


This sweet, herb-brined turkey makes an impressive centerpiece for any holiday meal. The delicious pan drippings create the base of an inventive gravy.

A simple preparation for Brussels sprouts with delicious results. Try one of our tasty twists below or have fun coming up with your own!

We're crazy for the simple flavors of this easy dish, but feel free to take some liberties. Replace the lemons with oranges, add a sprinkling of chopped rosemary to the marinade or garnish the grilled chicken with fresh cilantro.

Look for fish sauce, a bold, flavorful condiment, on the shelves next to other Asian condiments like soy sauce.

This robustly flavored butter makes a great match to any grilled or pan-seared meat or full-flavored fish.

Not as commonly known, the tri-tip is a roast cut from the bottom sirloin. Its marbled texture gives the tri-tip roast a rich flavor. The garlic and herb coating pairs nicely with hearty roasted root vegetables.

Serve this quick and easy side dish with roasted meats or vegetables.

Hempseeds are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids. Sweet, nutty, chewy and dense, this snack satisfies that afternoon craving for sweets. Store them in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.

This delightfully different chicken salad uses wild rice to add flavor and yogurt for its tangy taste and to lighten the mayonnaise.


Pasta Primavera literally translates to "Spring Pasta" and everyone needs to know how to make a big, beautiful pasta dish for warm-weather get-togethers. It's a crowd-pleasing, affordable contribution that goes with most anything, anywhere.

Here's a light and colorful side dish that complements everything from grilled meats to a spring stew to burgers or sandwiches. It is also a perfect, budget-friendly dish for an outdoor party buffet table or potluck as it won't lose its appeal on a warm day.

Once you learn to cook a basic dish like risotto, you can substitute with what you have on hand. Instead of asparagus, use frozen green beans or the fresh peas your neighbor grew and shared…or the mushrooms you almost forgot in the fridge drawer.

If you like fried catfish, make your own version at home with less oil, but all the flavor. This satisfying recipe works well with whole catfish fillets, too. Serve with your favorite slaw and rice pilaf.

Love blackened catfish? Here's a less messy—yet just as tasty—version. Serve the catfish with succotash and plenty of lemon wedges.

A simple, yet elegant dish. For best results, gently shake the skillet from time to time while the catfish cooks to ensure it doesn't stick. Kale or spinach can be substituted for bok choy.

Catfish fillets roast atop a bed of asparagus in this easy weeknight recipe. Use fresh oregano or parsley instead of thyme in the quick breadcrumb topping, if you like.

In this dish, a vibrantly colored pesto made from peas and fresh herbs dresses up whole wheat pasta. Try the pesto as a spread on sandwiches and crostini, too.

A Spanish "tortilla" is similar to an omelet or frittata. Serve it up as a first course for 10 to 12 or in larger pieces as an entrée for 6.