Grilled Swordfish Sandwiches with Summer Succotash


Sweet cherries get a flavorful topping made from dates, almonds and nutritious chia seeds. This is a superb fresh dessert, yet  it is healthful enough to serve for snacks.

Next time you have the grill warmed up, throw on some extra corn on the cob to make this easy summer side dish. It's a great complement to any outdoor party.

This gratin will convert those wary-of-green-vegetable eaters to greens lovers. A simple white sauce lightly coats Swiss chard leaves, and a topping of cheese and crisp breadcrumbs seals the deal.

This dish will soon be a family favorite for casual suppers in the late summer and early fall. Use shiitake mushrooms in place of the cremini mushrooms, if you like.

This Honduran staple, known as pan de coco, is like a plump dinner roll. It's delicious served alongside a meal of rice, beans and fried plantains. Or enjoy it with your morning cup of coffee.

A simple mixture of nuts, raisins and spices makes a delicious topping for Honeycrisp apples.

Inspired by the dish red-red from Ghana, this simple stew of tomatoes and black-eyed peas is traditionally served with fried plantains.

Canned salmon provides a flavor twist and an omega-3 boost to traditional Maryland crab cakes. Serve with lemon wedges, tartar sauce and plenty of grilled corn or veggies.

These muffins offer an intriguing crunch, thanks to the toasted millet. Savor them warm from the oven, or freeze a batch to have on hand for company. 


Bake up a big batch of these healthy whole grain waffles, then keep them in the freezer for easy morning meals. Pop them in the toaster to reheat and achieve traditional waffle crispness.

Try a big batch of these super-flavorful potatoes for your next potluck or tailgating party. Our recipe makes enough for about 8 generous portions, but you can easily double it.

Here are satisfying vegan munchies that replicate the flavors of tailgating favorite Buffalo wings. The cauliflower is grilled or oven-roasted until browned and nutty, then tossed with a tangy sauce that can be as spicy as you like.

This light and tangy slaw combines a crisp mix of cabbage, daikon, carrots and radishes with a bright dressing of rice vinegar and spicy wasabi.

This healthy veggie-packed dinner features quick-roasted shrimp tossed with whole grain noodles and a creamy tahini sauce. It’s as satisfying as it is easy. For a vegan version, omit the shrimp and use garbanzo or black beans instead.

This juicy vegetarian lunch packs whole grain pitas with a mixture of greens, tomatoes and mashed avocado for a satisfying and colorful midday meal.

Here’s a vegan, veggie-packed alternative to scrambled eggs that makes a terrific breakfast or lunch. Finely chopping the vegetables in a food processor saves time, and you can even do this step the night before if your mornings are hectic.

This tasty homemade version of a childhood favorite gets a nutritional boost from whole wheat flour, sunflower seeds and no refined sugar. Each small cookie is just the right size for a lunchbox treat or an after-school snack.

Start your day with a simply delicious smoothie that packs fruit, veggies, yogurt and whole grains all in one sippable package.