Smoked Salmon Crêpes with Creamed Peas


A medley of organic vegetables gives this wholesome stew loads of nutrients and a hearty broth. Chipotle peppers and flavorful Mexican seasonings add spice, while whole green beans and chunks of corn and squash make for a pleasing, colorful presentation.

Summer green beans are here! Perhaps other beans, too, so substitute any of the three beans with what you can get on sale or from your garden...or the neighbors'.

Next time you have the grill warmed up, throw on some extra corn on the cob to make this easy summer side dish. It's a great complement to any outdoor party.

This gratin will convert those wary-of-green-vegetable eaters to greens lovers. A simple white sauce lightly coats Swiss chard leaves, and a topping of cheese and crisp breadcrumbs seals the deal.

This dish will soon be a family favorite for casual suppers in the late summer and early fall. Use shiitake mushrooms in place of the cremini mushrooms, if you like.

This Honduran staple, known as pan de coco, is like a plump dinner roll. It's delicious served alongside a meal of rice, beans and fried plantains. Or enjoy it with your morning cup of coffee.

A simple mixture of nuts, raisins and spices makes a delicious topping for Honeycrisp apples.

Inspired by the dish red-red from Ghana, this simple stew of tomatoes and black-eyed peas is traditionally served with fried plantains.

Canned salmon provides a flavor twist and an omega-3 boost to traditional Maryland crab cakes. Serve with lemon wedges, tartar sauce and plenty of grilled corn or veggies.


It’s all the rage, and for good reason! Cold brew coffee is light and refreshing, an appealing alternative to hot coffee when the mercury rises. Easy and affordable to make, ditch those $5 cups and brew a batch at home.

Packed with the summer’s best produce, from tomatoes and squash to eggplant and basil, consider serving this elegant terrine on grilled garlic toast, topped with crumbled goat cheese or sliced alongside a fresh tomato sauce.

Here’s a terrifically versatile syrup to make with a bounty of cherries, no pitting required! Serve it over everything from pancakes to blintzes to yogurt and ice cream, or mix it with seltzer for a refreshing alternative to bottled sodas.

Try this cherry-packed breakfast bake by itself or topped with almondmilk for a hot cereal feel. It will keep refrigerated up to 5 days.

Whole wheat couscous with sweet fresh cherries, green onions and toasted almonds pairs delightfully with grilled salmon. It's bound to become a summer tradition when cherries are in season!

Preserve summer’s best cherries in this simple preparation that gets wonderful depth of flavor from sherry. Serve the cherries as a garnish for cocktails, over ice cream or with anything chocolate. And don’t discard the liquid—use it in sangria!

This light and delicious parfait is perfect for a summertime dessert or a filling breakfast treat. If needed, make the cashew cream a day or two in advance and keep refrigerated.

Paiche (pronounced PIE-chay) is a deliciously thick and meaty though lean fish. This recipe calls for no added oil, so be sure to cook the fish in a grilling basket or on foil so it doesn’t stick to the grill grates.

Add this classic but fresh, veggie-packed macaroni salad to your summer repertoire. Nutty whole wheat pasta and a sprinkling of Parmigiano-Reggiano give it a little sophistication.