Sandy Springs Store Sales Items

Brown Cow
Cream Top Yogurt
Made from unhomogenized milk for decadent taste and real maple syrup for natural sweetness.
7/16 - 7/29
4 for $3.00
Regular 99¢
96¢ OFF
Puffed Snacks
Made with organic corn and contains no GMO's. Exclusively ours!
7/16 - 7/29
2 for $4.00
Regular $2.99
$1.98 OFF
Califia Farms
Aguas Fresca
This traditional Mexican juice is a fiesta of light and naturally sweet flavors.
7/16 - 7/29
2 for $6.00
Regular $3.99
$1.98 OFF
Organic Lemonade
Sweetened with Fair Trade sugar to help farmers invest in their communities.
7/16 - 7/29
2 for $3.00
Regular $2.49
$1.98 OFF
High Brew Coffee
Cold Brew Coffee
100% Arabica blend ready-to-drink cold brew coffee made from Fair Trade coffee beans.
7/16 - 7/29
2 for $3.00
Regular $1.99
98¢ OFF
Annie's Naturals
Organic Dressings
For the past 25 years, Annie's has been nourishing families with simple, down-to-earth foods that taste great and are easy to love.
7/16 - 7/29
$3.39 ea
Regular $4.39
$1 OFF
Ethnic Gourmet Foods
Frozen Entrees
Delicious frozen meals made with authentic seasonings and fresh ingredient.
7/16 - 7/29
$3.99 ea
Regular $5.39
$1.40 OFF
Fresh milk, pure fine cane sugar and the finest ingredients.
7/16 - 7/29
$4.99 ea
Regular $5.69
70¢ OFF

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