Whole Foods Market in Louisville, KY prides itself on offering the freshest, healthiest and widest selection of natural and organic foods from around the corner and around the world. We feature foods in their purest state, free of artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, preservatives and hydrogenated fats.  

What sets Whole Foods Market apart from the average supermarket?

- Our commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards in the industry

- Our belief that grocery shopping should be fun

- Our commitment to local and organic food production

- Our passion for food that is whole, fresh, natural and unprocessed


Established in 1980

Back in 1980, we started out with one small store and a staff of only 19 people. Today, we're the world's leader in natural and organic foods, with more than 310 stores in North America and the United Kingdom. We still honor our original ideals, and we think that has a lot to do with our success.