Arlington's Donations

Due to the high volume of requests, WE REQUIRE A 3 MONTH ADVANCE NOTICE, and only 1 donation per fiscal calendar year.

We are accepting applications for events that take place after July 4, 2016.



In addition to our 5% Community Giving Days, we also donate to the community on a monthly basis. If you are a 501 (c)3 local, non-profit agency, and your request falls into one of the following categories, please scroll down to Donation Application and complete the application:

  1. Preventative health care through nutrition
  2. Research leading to new findings and cures for chronic illness, obesity, mental wellness
  3. Hunger relief
  4. Animal compassion
  5. Environmental preservation
  6. Supporting the arts 
  7. Education (supporting healthy eating and physical activity programs, scholarships for underprivileged)

Donation Application

Page 1 of your IRS Determination Letter is required (no other form can be accepted as proof of 501 (c)3 status). 

For sponsorship requests, e.g., LARGE food events, 5k walk/run fundraisers, formal fundraising affairs, etc., please note this in the "Items Requested" section of the Donation Application. 


  • Please apply to the store closest to the area where the donation will have an impact; where the beneficiaries are located; where the organization has strong community ties.
  • The event must be a local event and take place in the geographic area of our stores.  Conventions, even though they might take place here, are not eligible.
  • No donations of alcohol, or gift cards to be used to purchase alcohol per TABC rules.

We will support organizations directly, but cannot sponsor individuals or groups/organizations raising funds on behalf of the charity.

Cities, schools, fire and police departments are 501(c)4 and not eligible; however, many of them have Foundations, a PTA  or a “Friends Of” organizations that will allow them to qualify.

And while we give to churches and religious organizations, the donation must support an outreach program or event the church organizes for the benefit of a community in need, e.g., a soup kitchen, clothing drive, health clinic, educational scholarships for underprivileged children, etc, without proselytism or worship.