Like in the other departments, we never allow artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners, preservatives or trans fats in any of the products we sell, so the next time the perfume of fresh baked-bread lures you to one of our bakeries, rest assured that whatever you buy for you and your family will be the very best available.



We bake daily the bread we sell from our exclusive recipes (ever tried our Seeduction Bread?) to bring on your table a wholesome loaf, be it a dark sourdough, a poppy and linseed champagne, a spelt bread or a multigrain baguette.

We also source breads from local bakeries that meet our quality standard, hence you will find Paul’s Bread, Paulaine, Bread Factory, Artisan Organic Bread and Genius bread. A selection of gluten free is also available.

Morning goods pastries are available at our Juice Bar with a selection of croissants, pain aux chocolate, almond croissants, muffins, pain au raisins and other pies and cakes. Gluten free options available too.



We admit we have a really sweet tooth and we love indulging in a Vegan Cupcake from Cat & the Cream or a delicious raw cake from InSpiral. Our small shop has a really wide range of desserts and cakes, from raw to gluten free and soya free ones you can be sure we have the one you are looking for.