The Broadway Bar

With room for just eight diners, The Broadway Bar serves charcuterie, cheese platters, and homemade pickles in range of flavours, as well as wine and beer by the glass.

At The Broadway Bar you will be served popular Spanish bar food – the Bocadillo. A Bocadillo is a small slice of Spanish ham (or cheese), drizzled with olive oil and served with a small ‘baguette’ style piece of bread; this is an instant ‘pick me up’ and great with a glass of wine.

New ‘Charcuterie Cones’ (a paper cone filled with slices of cured ham) and a range of nuts and snacks are served to help quell any hunger.

The wine and champagne range includes some new British wines such as new finds from Hampshire’s Hambledon vineyard and from Stopham Vineyard in West Sussex (Pulborough).

The whisky range comprises a Welsh whisky – Penderyn – for the first time as well as a range of blended whiskies from Compass Box who are based in Chiswick.

A range of over 100 British ales and beers is available with four beers on draft as part of Whole Foods Market’s ‘Flagonstation. This ‘take away’ beer station means you can take re-fillable ‘flagons’ with a beer of your choice and it will keep fresh at home. When you’re finished bring it back and re- fill it, as simple as it sounds! A new design of the bottle means that the beer never meets oxygen in the bottle (only Co2) which means it keeps fresher and for longer.