Catering at Callowhill


Fresh herbs, expeller pressed oils, grain-fed meats, nothing artificial — we are sticklers for quality. Our chefs demand the choicest ingredients and the season’s finest produce so you get both beautiful displays and great tasting food.  A simple vegetable or cheese tray, signature sandwiches, an antipasto display, custom cake or delicious vegetarian fare… all of our catering selections are made fresh in our kitchens.  Whether it’s a simple luncheon or an elegant dinner, let our catering consultant help you create a feast to satisfy your eyes, your taste buds and your heart.  When you think of catering, think of us… naturally.

Catering at Whole Foods Market - Callowhill

Specialty Cakes at Whole Foods Market - Callowhill


To order catering, visit us online, call or stop by and ask to speak with the catering liaison. Kindly allow 48 hours notice on all catering orders. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express.  Please note that 24 hour notice (by 5 pm) is required for all cancelations.

Kelsey Larzelere
Catering Liaison

Whole Foods Market Callowhill
2001 Pennsylvania Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19130
(215) 557-0015

For specialty cake orders, please call or stop by the Bakery to discuss your idea and pricing.  Advance order timeframes depend on the scope and scale of the cake.