Community Giving and Donations

Thank you for your interest in a community donation from Whole Foods Market Clark!



We’re thrilled to be bringing our store to Clark! As part of our commitment to our local community, we’re incredibly interested in working with a variety of local organizations that do great work in supporting the residents, families, and visitors to our town.  Our genuine goal is for our new store in Clark to be intimately tied to the neighborhood that we serve and in which so many of our team members live, shop, and play. 

Whole Foods Market contributes to a number of community events, health fairs, student groups, fundraisers, and organizations throughout the year in creative ways that directly impact the Clark community. We offer support and donations to organizations whose goals most closely reflect Whole Foods Market’s mission and philosophy (environmental preservation, prevention health care through nutrition, hunger relief, and education about these topics).  While we do have some programs that offer support with monetary donations, such as our quarterly 5% giving days, where 5% of store sales on a selected day are donated to a store selected local charity, we do prefer to work with your organization in the form of catering, gift cards, gift baskets, produce, cases of product, and even the use of our space (café or The Clark Bar) for events and meetings or volunteerism of our team!

To make it easy on our new neighbors, we’ve enclosed our Donation Guidelines, which includes the instructions and application, here. All donation, sponsorship, and community partnership inquiries should be sent to Alison Bauer. Please know that she is based here in your Clark store and is always at your disposal. If you see her in the store, please feel free to say hello!

Again, we’re so thrilled to be joining the community and look forward to working with you.


Click Here for Donation Guidelines, Instructions, and Application.

Questions? Please Contact Alison Bauer, our Marketing Team Leader!