Community Giving at Galleria

At Whole Foods Market, we are active participants in our community and extremely proud of our neighborhood involvement and the relationships we continue to forge.   To best fit the needs of our community, we live our philanthropic mission through a variety of giving opportunities.

Partnership Opportunities

We offer various donations to 501 (c) 3 organizations. On a local basis, we are actively involved in our communities by:

  • Donating goods and services to local organizations
  • Sponsoring community events

All requests are reviewed on a monthly basis and recipients will be notified as soon as possible. Please be advised that due to the large volume of requests that we receive, we require a minimum of 8 weeks advanced notice for any donation. Unfortunately, we can not honor every request and will only contact you if we can provide a donation for your organization.

If you are interesting in applying for one of our monthly donations please fill out a donation request form.

Community Support Day

Our Community 5% Days are one meaningful way we give back to our community. These 5% Days consist of in-store events and demos, and end with five percent of the day’s net sales being donated to the benefiting organization. Customers help support our selected organizations just by shopping on these 5% Days.

If you are interesting in applying for our Community Support Day please fill out a donation request form.

One Dime at a Time

Our One Dime at a Time program provides an incentive to our customers to eliminate single-use plastic bags and develop stronger communities all at the same time. At the register, customers will have the option to receive a 10 cent per bag refund as cash back off their receipt or they can choose to donate it to that month’s selected charity organization.

If you are interesting in applying for our One Dime at a Time Program please please fill out a donation request form.

In order to keep our donations local and best serve our community, we do not donate to individuals, individuals seeking pledges, multiple requests from the same organization, or organizations and/or causes more than 20 miles away from our store.