Community Giving at Merchant's Walk

The Whole Foods Market Giving Program is dedicated to helping nonprofit organizations in our stores’ local community that have limited budgets and big hearts. Our giving program supports organizations that address community issues, such as: hunger relief, environmental concerns, local and sustainable agriculture, animal welfare and health and human services. Our focus is to support innovative groups that share in our Mission & Values, and strive to make the world a better place! Our core mission & values include sustainability, community support, healthy eating education and a commitment to local growers.

To request a donation, store tour or health fair participation, please complete the appropriate form and return it via email to

To ensure your application is reviewed, please read the information and timelines specified on each application type


General Donation Application (click here)

  • Groups are invited to apply for support in the form of gift bags, gift cards, catering trays, or in-kind product donations (such as fruit, water, sodas, snack foods, etc.) for community events or charity auctions.The average total donation ranges between $25 and $150. Selections for this type of donation are made monthly. Organizations must apply at least 30 days in advance of when they require the donation.

5% Day Application (click here)

  • Community 5% Days are held 4 times a year. On event day, selected organizations receive 5% of the store’s total net sales for that day. Selected organizations applications will be reviewed by WFM quarterly and voted on by Team Members.Organizations must apply 90 days in advance, and may be put on a waiting list for consideration for up to 18 months.

Donate Your Dimes Application (click here)

  • This program is designed to reduce our impact on the environment while supporting local nonprofit organizations! When customers shop and bring their bags from home, they receive 10¢ per bag used, and can accept it as a discount on their bill, or can donate it to one of our current organizations. This program is primarily designed to bring attention and exposure to small, but meaningful organizations in our local communities.Organizations must apply 90 days in advance, and may be put on a waiting list for consideration for up to 12 months

Health Fair Participation Application (click here)

  • Whole Foods Market often participates in local health fairs, educational series and community events to share information about healthy eating!
    We require a completed application at least 30 days in advance for consideration. Custom cooking classes and educational classes require an application 6 weeks in advance.

Sponsorship Request Form (click here)

  • Community Applications are reviewed twice per year, and are for non-profit organizations seeking support above the investment level of our general donations, or for organizations/businesses that are for profit. This application also serves for organizations seeking assistance from more than one Whole Foods Market in a metro location. Organizations must apply 120 days in advance.

Store Tour Request (click here)

  • Our tours are suitable for ages 5-105! Our tours generally last between forty minutes and one hour, and are generally available Tues-Thurs, between 9am-6pm. We ask for a completed application no less than 2 weeks in advance, and scheduling is based on availability and prior commitment.