Concierge at Forest


Let Us Do the Work!

Come in and meet Doreen and Anni ... our Concierge Team makes shopping and event planning a snap! We can shop for and cater most aspects of your family gatherings, helping you spend less time at the store and in the kitchen and more time with the people who matter most. Let us make your life a whole lot easier with our customized services!

For more information or to place an order, please email or call 214-361-8887 and ask for a member of our Concierge Team. You can also visit our store and stop by the upstairs Concierge Desk in person. We are here to help! Just ask.


Please allow at least 48 hours when placing an order; more time is needed for special or custom requests. 



Have a grocery list but short on time? Impromptu cocktail party? Family coming over and you're in charge of dinner? Never fear; you don't have to sacrifice your precious time for quality food! A Concierge Personal Shop is designed to take the pressure off and fit into your personal, daily routine. Simply email your grocery list to and we'll do your shopping, bagging, and ring up the order. Although a fee for a typical household shop averages $10-$15, we are happy to waive the fee for all first time shops. We hope you get spoiled by our excellent service, complimentary curbside pick-up, and reasonable shopping fees!


Chocolates, fruit, cheeses, and flowers are typical components of gift baskets, but we welcome your personal creativity! Many guests give the Concierge Team a budget and theme (such as locally produced foods, gluten free, Kosher, products that pamper, dinner for a bereaved family, etc.); other guests give us a favorite color to work with and we take it from there. Whether you choose a traditional, contemporary or customized gift, we'll create the perfect gift basket or goodie bag.


Stock up on your favorite must-have snacks or special order items that may sell out or are hard to find. You can order large quantities or small, and receive a 10% discount off one case of any special order. Whether special orders of grocery items, organic and conventional produce, speciality beer, bulk grains and beans, or fresh seafood or meat, you can pick up your order at the Guest Service desk, or have it delivered to your home and office for a small additional fee.


Whether it's a wedding reception, birthday bash, or small family dinner, let us surprise and delight you with that extra-special Whole Foods Market® touch! Our quality standards are second to none. CLICK HERE for more details of our Catering services at Preston Forest.