Plano Concierge Services

At Whole Foods Market we are continually developing ways to create the ultimate shopping experience for our guests.

We know you are busy and want to find ways to make your everyday tasks easier. At our concierge desk we are offering a range of services from pantry stocking to planning a romantic evening on the town. Following is a sample of the services available. If we can help you in these areas, please let us know, or if you have an idea of something special, tell us about it. We are here to help. Visit our Concierge Desk in the store, or call 972.612.6729 or email

NOW OFFERING DELIVERY! Call for details!

Personal Shopping

Have a list but no time? Unexpected dinner guests? Impromptu cocktail party? Drop-in relatives? Don’t have time to round up the whole family just to grab a few things? You don’t have to sacrifice your precious time and energy for quality organic food! We’ll take the time to learn about what you like, how much time you have and your budget. Contact us to learn more about personal shopping, home delivery fees and our complimentary curbside pickup option. We can even plan a weekly shop based on your preferences. Just ask!

Kitchen Stocking

Have no time to think about groceries? We’ve prepared several selections of pantry basics for you to choose from. The base of any quick meal is a well stocked pantry. Take your pick between staple shops that focus on Mediterranean, Continental, Latin and Asian flavors. Have ingredients on hand that are shelf stable and can provide an amazing meal right out of the cabinet. We will stock you with grains, pastas, spices and marinades that provide instant creativity and worldly flavor – all at your fingertips! Want to make your home more environmentally friendly? We have a package that provides you with all green household products! Just Ask!

Food Sensitivities & Allergies

Have a gluten intolerant family member? Corn or wheat allergies? Let us keep you informed of the latest Whole Foods Market offerings to help you have choices instead of limitations to your meals. From celiac friendly baked goods to vegan pizza, we can help! Just Ask!

Office Kitchen Shopping

Working on a deadline and dreading unhealthy take-out? Sick of subs? Our Concierge Team provides many local offices with fully stocked kitchens. Let us supply your break room with everything from yogurt, and pastries, to boxed salads, and fresh sliced turkey. We can also deliver healthy, delicious snack foods like our in house roasted nuts and fresh fruit. No more drive-thrus or deliveries that make you feel sleepy or uncomfortable. We can provide daily and weekly shops, or the ultimate business lunch on the fly – sushi, gumbo, salmon, vegetarian entrees all in the same order for the same lunch! Just Ask!

Life Events

Have a new neighbor you want to welcome? Did a new addition to the family just arrive? Perhaps a loved one has been unexpectedly hospitalized. Nothing could make their lives easier, or says you care like a hot meal, or a fabulous new Organic Cotton Robe. Let us deliver your gift straight to their door! Just Ask!


Having a big event and you don't want to do all of the cooking? Let us do it for you! We can cater events big and small. Please click on our catiering menu to check out all of our great options! Just ask!