Deerfield Birthday Parties!

We are excited to offer parties for kids ages 4 and up! No matter what your taste or style, we have a party for you. At Whole Foods Market, we will help you celebrate any event, whether it’s a birthday, back-to-school event, sports party, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, or any other occasion you can think to celebrate! Whole Foods Market is here to help make any party exceptionally memorable!

Every party’s base price ($200-225) covers the first 10 children. Each additional child is $12.50. Prices are subject to tax. Deerfield’s cooking classroom can accommodate a maximum of 18 children.

Due to space limitations, this is a drop off party only. The room holds 18 children maximum. Host parents and immediate family up to 6 people may stay in the room. Adults in the room are asked to observe in the back of the room so the instructor can move about freely and conduct the party.  Guest parents may watch from the classroom window.

Please inquire about reserving space in our café to accommodate guest parents.

To book a birthday party, please contact Theresa at 847-444-1900 or Party times are typically Saturdays 11 or 1pm, but dates and times are flexible. We have a large number of reservation requests; please be flexible as we try to accommodate your schedule! We ask that all requests be made 4-6 weeks in advance.

We look forward to celebrating with you!

Pizza Pros
Ages 4+
$200 base, 1 ½ hour party
Who doesn’t love pizza?! At this party, kids will have plenty of crust-shaping, sauce-spreading, cheese-sprinkling fun! Our birthday instructor will guide the group in creating individual pizzas, constructing fruit kabobs, and eating veggies. Afterwards, we’ll decorate a dessert of your choice. This is a classic party that never goes out of style!  Pizza toppings for the group may be added for an additional charge.

Top Chef Pizza Party-NEW!
Ages 11+
$225 base, 1 ½ hour party
Is your teen or tween a natural competitor in the kitchen?  Bring your budding chef to Whole Foods Market for our “Top Chef” themed birthday party.  Partygoers will have a budget and a set amount of time to get all of the necessary ingredients needed to make a unique and delicious pizza!  Each pizza will be created by a team and the winning pizza is judged on appearance, creativity, team work and taste!  After pizza and a fresh salad it’s time to sing happy birthday with a delicious dessert trifle.

Decadent Desserts
Ages 7+
$225 base, 1 1/2 hour party
Does your child have a sweet tooth?  Join us at our “desserts only” birthday party.  Partygoers will create four decadent treats and even learn a little about baking and pastries along the way.  Kid’s will bring home three of their creations and enjoy one with their friends.  Our dessert menu will consist of truffles, chocolate- dipped strawberries, mini fruit tarts and a trifle.