Donation Requests at Whole Foods Market Valencia

Donation Request Requirements:

Whole Foods Market Valencia is pleased to make one-time donations to qualified organizations on the availability of product and budget considerations.

All requests must be received a minimum of six weeks prior to the date of the event.

Please observe the following guidelines to be considered for a donation:

  1. Your organization must be classified by the IRS as a 501c.3, non-profit. We will need a copy of this document with your request.

  2. Letter requests must be on your organization/ company’s letterhead and must include the following:

    1. The date and purpose of the event, including the target audience and expected number of guests.

    2. Who will benefit from any proceeds from the event.

    3. How the event will be promoted, including any media sponsors.

    4. What recognition Whole Foods Market will receive. [Ie: program announcements, media exposure, brochures, signage, social media, logo fulfillment, etc.]

    5. What item[s] and quantity are requested for donation.

    6. The contact person’s name, email and phone number.

  3. All requests should be submitted here

  4. Confirmation of a donation will be made within two weeks of receiving the request. The volume of requests received makes it impossible to reply to those we are not able to fulfill. 

  1. Each non-profit organization may submit one request per calendar year.


We appreciate the efforts of those who give their time to be of service to others. Thank you for your interest in Whole Foods Market as a resource to accomplish this goal.