Eat Well Kitchen Classroom Space

Our Eat Well Kitchen has undergone some changes! Please read below to find answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

First, thank you for your interest in using the Eat Well Kitchen at our store. We feel lucky to have a great culinary classroom space offer the space for a variety of purposes to our community.

WHOLE FOODS MARKET EVENTS AND CLASSES: We love inspiring others about food and healthy lifestyles! The primary purpose of our Eat Well Kitchen is to support the enjoyment and education of our shoppers and Team Members. To that end, we host a wide array of tasting events and classes in the kitchen including (but not limited to) film screenings, beer and wine tastings, Seafood 101, and healthy eating supper clubs. Please check our events calendar online or in-store for details on upcoming events.

NON-PROFIT/COMMUNITY GROUP MEETINGS: We recognize that there are some amazing organizations who operate on slim budgets to do great work in our community. We are happy to grant our community partners access to the Eat Well Kitchen when it is available. Please see the contact info at the bottom of this page to inquire about availability.

COMMERCIAL USE: It may be possible to arrange to use the kitchen for photo and video shoots that are media or school-related. Please contact us with more details about your projects.

OUTSIDE INSTRUCTORS: In general, we do not allow outside instructors to teach classes in the Eat Well Kitchen. We receive many requests from passionate and knowledgeable community members who are interested in teaching classes, but we are fortunate enough to have many full-time Team Members in our store who have a strong background in nutrition, healthy lifestyles, and specialized dietary needs. This includes, among others, a full-time Healthy Eating Specialist who is a registered dietician and who is certified with a M.S. in Nutrition. By allowing our knowledgeable Team Members to create and lead the programming in our Eat Well Kitchen, we ensure that our customers receive accurate information and quality instruction while, at the same time, supporting the growth and development of our Team Members as teachers and ambassadors of healthy habits. If there is a topic you feel would make a great class, don’t hesitate to let us know!

PRIVATE EVENTS: The Eat Well Kitchen is no longer available as private rental space for birthday parties or other events as we maintain a busy schedule with educational classes and community partner events. If you would like to bring a group to one of the events on our calendar, please let us know and we would be happy to discuss how to meet your needs.

Our Eat Well Kitchen is a commercial grade kitchen with a seating area for events and classes.

CAPACITY: Seated– 20, Standing- 35-40

ALCOHOL: Is allowed with proper state banquet permits and no public marketing. By state guidelines banquet permits are available for invitation only events. Acquiring permit is up to renter and must be on file with us before event starts.

FOOD: To comply with Health Department standards: No outside food or drink is allowed. All goods must be purchased at the store.

KITCHEN EQUIPMENT: All items in kitchen are there for use. If you a need a special piece of equipment you will need to bring it in for the event.

A/V EQUIPMENT: The following are available; TV, DVD, VHS player and sound system.

CATERING: Is available, please contact our catering department for more details. Ordering catering is separate from reserving the classroom space.

DISHWASHING: Any dishes, utensils, cookware used from our supply must be cleaned and returned before the end of your rental.

CLEANING: Please leave the room as you found it, neat and clean. If there is anything wrong with the room upon entering, please notify Guest Services before your class or event starts. If the room is not cleaned at the end of each event, your group may be asked to discontinue use of the room. Please follow the checklist provided in the room for cleaning.

If you are interested in learning more please email pn (dot) rsq (dot) marketing (at) wholefoods (dot) com with the followinginformation: 1) Info about your group and event, 2) first three preferred options for dates and times.