Free 2-hour parking with £25 purchase

PLEASE NOTE: The NCP carpark on Young Street is now closed. You can now park at the NCP carpark at the Royal Garden Hotel (W8 4PT) for 2-hours free with purchases over £25. Just take your parking ticket along with your receipt to our Customer Service desk and a team member will validate your parking ticket for you. Also, please note: The NCP carpark at the Royal Garden Hotel has height restrictions: The height restriction in the car park is 1.75 meters, 5ft or 10inc. You can also park at Vinci Car park under the Kensington Town Hall on Horton Street (W8 7NX) which has higher height restrictions on its level b2. Click here for details. Once you pay for your groceries, let the deilvery desk know you are collecting your groceries at the curb and which carpark you are parked in. They'll give you a free parking card to collect your car, then drive your car round to curbside on Young Street and a member of our team will load your groceries into your car!