Healthy Eating


Introducing our 7th core value:

Promoting the health of our stakeholders through healthy eating education

Eat well
  • Eat a variety of whole foods—real, fresh, natural, organic, local, seasonal, and unprocessed as much as possible

  • Emphasize plant-based foods, no matter what type of diet you generally follow

  • Minimize the consumption of refined, highly processed foods and non-nutritive substances, such as hydrogenated fats and artificial flavourings, colours, preservatives and sweeteners

Have fun

  • Food should be delicious, pleasurable, and fun

  • Joyful eating inspires and nourishes body, mind, and spirit

  • Celebrating where and how our food is grown and its bond with nature complements and enriches our relationship with our food and community

Take charge

  • We acknowledge all dietary paths on the road to health and approach all our stakeholders with kindness, courtesy, and respect

  • We provide support with tools, education, and guidance to expand awareness about health-supportive food choices

  • We empower our stakeholders to make the best personal decisions for their own health and well-being


Meet Camden's Healthy Eating Specialist Tonia

We are passionate about healthy eating, that's why each store has their own Healthy Eating Specialist to advise you on how to make a quick, nourishing, easy meal that tastes scrumptious and is good for you!

Our healthy Eating Specialist, Tonia is on hand every week to give you tips on healthy eating, show you the newest superfoods to hit the market and even provide recipes for all kinds of diets. Whether it be fussy eaters or healthy meals on a budget, ask Tonia and she will do all she can to help you on your path to a healthier you.

Want to start straight away? Just click on our Healthy Recipe Archives or pop into our store and pick up the latest edition of our “Healthy Meals for 2 People” brochure.