Local Partnerships

At Whole Foods Market Lakeview, we are active participants in our community. We are extremely proud of our community involvement and the relationships that we continue to make each month! We strive to make a difference and currently have 3 donation programs:

5% Community Support Days

- Whole Foods Market donates 5% of a chosen day’s sales to the specified non-profit organization. We work with 4 organizations a year with this program

One Dime At A Time

- Whole Foods Market customers receive a 10 cent credit for bringing in their own bag, and they can decide to donate it to the specified non-profit organization. We work wtih 4 organizations a year with this program.

Partnership Opportunities

- This would be any out of store project that Whole Foods Market could participate in. This includes product donations and monetary support, but we rarely give monetary support. This is the most common form of donation. Partnship Opportunities can be broken down into 3 categories:

*       Event Assistance (single event or a series of events)

*       Donations (usually product donation for charity purposes)

*       Project Support (community gardens, mural production, etc)

Whole Foods Market Lakeview is a proud partner of many organizations including: Inspiration Corporation, Stage 773 and the Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival, Purple Asparagus, Ravenswood Remix, Facets and the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival, New Leash On Life dog rescue, CircEsteem, Hamilton Elementary School and many more.