Love Local Tri-County

At Whole Foods market, our search for quality products begins right outside our front door. We are permanently committed to buying from Tri-County producers whose products meet our high quality standards, particularly those who produce organically and are themselves dedicated to environmentally friendly, sustainable practices. We are greatly increasing our efforts in this regard by further empowering our individual store and regional buyers to seek out locally grown products.  At Whole Foods Market Santa Barbara, we carry 300+ products produced right here in the Tri-County.

The Benefits of buying Local
There are as many reasons for supporting "locally grown" as there are farmers, but here are the most important ones:

A Friendly and Fresh Connection
Supporting local farm production puts a "face" behind the foods we consume and keeps us connected to the seasons, as well as the unique flavor and diversity of local crops.

Local Means Green
Buying produce from local growers reduces the environmental impact and costs of transporting product.

Preserving Character
Small local farms are a valuable compoment of a community's character, helping maintain agricultural heritage, perserve land use diversity, and moderate development. 

Crop Diversity and Quality
Many farmers producing for a local market choose to diversify, growing a variety of crops instead of just one.  This is a boon for biodiversity and your palate, since local crops are harvested at their peak of freshness and flavor.

Local Means Green - Again
Minimizing handling and transportation costs gives farmers maximum return on their investment.  And most of the money spent on local production stays in the community, "greening up" the local economy.