Metcalf Art Gallery

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Celebrating Local Artists

At Whole Foods Market, on Metcalf we enjoy celebrating local community artists, and invite you to enjoy the art featured in our cafe gallery.

We recognize that there are many talented artists throughout the country.  We appreciate being a part of the local community and displaying artworks from local artists.  Typically, we select only local artists within a radius of 50 miles from our store, and we look for those artists whose artworks resonate well with our company culture, values, as well as being family-friendly.  Artworks revolving around the beauties of nature, our planet, and people, as well as abstract art tends to work well with our audience.

We're proud to have featured artists such as:

  • Philip Koenig
  • Joy Baer
  • Michael Baxley
  • Holly Bucholtz
  • Jeff Dory
  • Denise Dunham
  • Jeff Hanson
  • David Newsome
  • Ray Marsh Elementary Students
  • Mary Ann Teschan
  • Claudia True

Interested in showing your art at Whole Foods Market on Metcalf located in Overland Park, Kansas?  Please contact for information.

Artworks Previously on Display: Claudia True

Claudia True's art is all about color and fun!  Her second passion - next to painting - is cooking.  For 5 years, Claudia has produced a "food and art" calendar with each month featuring a recipe from a friend and a painting Claudia did to interpret it.  Much of the art in this show is from one of these calendars.  In her previous "life", Claudia was a geologist and traveled to many wonderful and interesting places for work and fun - including much of the western and southwestern parts of the U.S., Mexico, Australia and Indonesia.  Exposure to these cultures opened her mind to the bold and colorful art for which she's known.  Whole Foods - what a perfect place to share Claudia's food art!!  For more information, visit her website: