Personal Shopping Service at Reno

Whole Foods Market Reno offers Personal Shopping so you don’t have to miss out on the quality of food and products that we have available. We will make that weekly trip to the store a chore no longer. We will bring the quality to you!

Is your office pantry full of preservatives and artificial flavors? Would you like to give your employees something a bit more healthy and tasty? We can revamp your office cupboards and make your break room more delightful.

Let us shop for you, Just Ask!


Personal Shopping

Our Personal Shoppers will bring the groceries right to your door; they will even unpack and put them away for you. With pick-up service they will do the shopping, making it easier for you to get in and out of the store (literally!). Did your friend just have a baby, get married, move to a new house or have a birthday coming up? Celebrate all these things with a beautiful, one of a kind gift basket made by one of our Concierges. 

How our Personal Shopping Services work:

  • Contact our Concierge at 775. 852. 8023 ext.266 or via email
  • You will receive a customer profile to highlight your shopping preferences and a shopping list template.
  • After you make your list, email it directly to our Concierge at the above address and we will get started shopping for you.
  • If you are interested in using our service regularly, we can schedule a reoccurring shop in our calendar.
  • For all New Customers, please allow 72 hours’ notice on your first order. Scheduling is subject to availability.
  • Concierge Service Fee is 10% of the total order.
  • Each order needs to meet a $50 minimum.
  • Our Concierge provides FREE delivery services. (Fees may apply to areas outside of a 65 mile radius)
  • Our Concierge services are weather permitting. 



We will send you a Personal Profile and List Template upon request.


Other Services

  • Office pantry restock and Office Lunches


Fill out our personal shopping profile to get started today!




Q: How does the service actually work?

A: After all the preliminary stuff is taken care of (profile turned in, credit card/ID on file, and a date scheduled); you can send your list to us. We will shop it; taking care to get specific items you have requested and pick items based off how the profile is filled out. We will deliver your groceries to you on the scheduled date and time. Or have everything ready for you to pick up at the store.


Q: Where exactly are you keeping my credit card information?

A: Your credit card information is kept on a secure encrypted hard drive that only Heather and Cody have access to.  If you are not comfortable with this, you may opt for the pick-up service. Pick-ups do not require us to keep a credit card on file and you may pay when you get to the store.


Q: Why are you asking for a copy of my Driver’s License?

A: In keeping your information safe, we also would like to deter any credit card fraud as best as we can. Asking for your ID along with your credit card info will help with this.


Q: How do I write out my list for you?

A: We offer a shopping list form to fill out that can be emailed directly to our Concierge. Or if you would like to just type up an email, it may look something like this:


1 half gallon 365 Org 2% milk

1 dozen cage free eggs (w/ omega-3 if available)

1 lb. Org almonds from bulk

2 lbs. ground turkey thigh (2 separate packages 1lb each)

½ lb. sliced salami (Applegate brand if available)

1 lb. or about 5 tomatoes

3 Russet potatoes

Large container of mixed greens (not the Herb blend, yuck)

Something delicious from the bakery? We really like cheesecake….


It doesn’t have to be beautiful; it just has to be fairly specific. As time goes on, we will learn what you prefer.

**Your list is due by 12pm 2 days prior to your scheduled shop. If you cannot make this deadline, you are welcome to send your list as early as you can and add on items up until the deadline.


Q: If we don’t have something in stock or available, what do you do?

A: If you have chosen to have no substitutions, we will bypass that particular item and contact you later to see if there is something else you would like or just not get the item.

If you do not mind substitutions, we will pick an item that is similar in quality.

If is a large cut of meat or seafood (a main staple in that night’s dinner) or something that is fairly expensive, we will give you call and ask you if you would like something different. We want to make sure you get everything on your list!


Q: Can I set up a reoccurring delivery/pickup?

A: Of course! This is what we are here for. We just have to figure out what is a good time for you and what is a good time for us. After that we would love to shop for you regularly!

As of July 2015 our regular delivery days are:

                Incline: Tuesdays

                Truckee: Thursdays and Sundays             

                Local/Other: Fridays (Other days are subject to time availability and location of delivery)

We will always try to get you your groceries in a timely manner and work with your schedule as best to our ability.


Q: Will you send me a reminder every time?

A: We will send a reminder every morning 2 days before your scheduled shop. If you don’t need a shop done you are welcome to ignore the email


Q: We have a second home in Truckee/Incline/ Reno Area and will only be using the service for a season. Will you keep my credit card info on file year around?

A: No, we do not want to hang on to important information if you are not using the service for a few months. We will delete your credit card after a few months of inactivity.


Q: What if you deliver my groceries and no one is home?

A: There is an option on the profile to give us permission to enter your property in the event that no one is home to receive us. We will go in and unload the groceries for you. We will put the perishable where they need to be and everything else will either be left on the counter or we can put that away for you as well. Both Heather and Cody are fond of animals and sometimes we bring treats.

**If there is no one at your home and we are not aware of another option, your groceries will be left on the front porch, out of sight as best as we can get them.**


Q: What time will you be delivering my groceries?

A: We will let you know the day of your delivery. Our delivery times are an estimate of travel time from the store to the entire delivery group. We will give you a 1 to 2 hour window the day of your delivery.


Q: I know it says 24 hours’ notice, but I really need my groceries today. Can you shop with less notice?

A: It all depends on our availability for the day. If we are able to squeeze you in, we will let you know. If not we will have to schedule you for the next available time.


Q: Can I special order cases through your service?

A: Yes! We ask that you give us 72 hours’ notice if you expect your special order with your next scheduled delivery. You will be notified if there is any delay.


Q: I am going to Burning Man, will you shop for me?

A: Of course! For all Burning Man Orders we will need a list, credit card information and a photo/scan of your ID (with birthdate visible) 4 days in advance. You may pick them up at the store.

**All Burning Man orders are Pickup only. Delivery is not available for all Burning Man orders.