Premium Body Care Product List

The Premium Body Care symbol appears on the most exceptional body care products available, those which meet the strict standards of our Premium Body Care Program. Launched in 2008, the standard draws on 25 years of experience and 2 years of tough scientific research review with the goal of highlighting top tier products in our stores. While all products in our stores must meet our stringent basic Quality Standards, we felt it was time to raise the bar and make it easier for our shoppers to find the highest quality and most natural personal care products that we sell. It took our experts more than two years to meticulously examine each personal care ingredient in Whole Body and then compile an ever-growing list of ingredients that qualify as acceptable to our rigorous Premium Body Care standards. The result is that you know you are buying products that are made with safer alternatives to ingredients commonly found in personal care products. In addition, we ensure they are made with environmentally friendly manufacture methods and that the products are truly effective.

We want you to enjoy your shopping experience at Whole Foods Market and have created this shopping list to help you choose personal care products of the highest quality. Look for this seal on the shelves in your local Whole Foods Market and on the products you choose!

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