Tour Whole Foods Market Naperville, IL




Is your organization looking for ways to learn something new and fun?

Come on in for a complimentary guided tour of Whole Foods Market Naperville, IL!

You’ll learn about food and the many people who help bring it to your table, unique features of Whole Foods Market and Naperville location, nutrition, label reading, shopping tips, earth-friendly practices and more. Tours usually take about an hour. Bring your questions. You’ll each take home ideas for simple, healthy eating and a thank you gift.

How does it work?

  •   For optimum experience, we limit groups to 12 children/students and require one adult for every four students or children in your group—for a maximum total 15 participants per tour.
  • We offer tours Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays with start times between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. Please schedule at least 3 weeks in advance and give us 3 choices of day and time. Due to our Team Members’ focus on the holidays, no tours are scheduled in November and December.
  • We require signed Whole Foods Market waiver forms for each child/student participant.

Please note that tours cannot proceed without completed forms for the entire group.

  •  Group leaders are responsible for any additional waivers or permission forms required by their organization.
  • Group leaders are responsible for monitoring all participants for safe and respectful behavior.
  • Please advise us of any food allergies or sensitivities, and allowable packaged snacks well in advance. Since our facility is not dedicated allergen-free, we cannot guarantee against cross-contamination—this includes our bulk food, samples, hot bars, salad bars, and food prepared in our kitchen.
  • Questions? Stop by our Customer Service Desk or call 630-579-7700.

Ready to schedule a self-guided tour?

Here’s what we’ll need from you—please email the following information to at least 3 weeks in advance. *Please note that this tour is only offered at Whole Foods Market Naperville in Illinois. For tours at other locations, please contact your neighborhood store.

Name of organization

  • Leader/Contact name, email and phone number

Number of total participants—Remember that we limit tour groups to 12 and require 1 adult for every 4 children or students in your  group, for maximum of 15 total participants, including leaders.

Age/Grade level of participants, if not all adults

When would you like to come? Please schedule at least 3 weeks in advance and provide 3 choices of day and time. Tours are not offered in November and December.

Please list the special dietary needs, food allergies or sensitivities for anyone in your group with acceptable food options, if any.

We offer a colorful Whole Foods Market Healthy Eating Patch—would your group like these as a thank you gift?


On Tour Day:


  • Make sure you bring signed Whole Foods Market waivers for each person in your group—this step is a must!

WAIVER WFM General Waiver 03-15.docx

  •  Sign in at our Customer Service Desk—this is your agreement to follow our tour policies.
  • Have a great time with your group! It’s our pleasure to share your neighborhood Whole Foods Market with you. We welcome your questions and feedback before, during and after your tour, and look forward to seeing you soon!

Meanwhile, you’ll find engaging resources for kids, parents and educators at the  Whole Kids Foundation

and Whole Foods Market websites—look for us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, too!