What happens to our waste?


Wise mothers everywhere remind us that actions speak louder than words. We can all talk about saving our planet but making those smart and sometimes challenging choices every day is what's going to get the job done. We've been trying to make green choices since we opened our first store. We understand that companies can have a large impact on our environment.


Our aim is to become a  Zero Waste store. This is defined (in the waste industry) as diverting more than 90% of waste from landfill or incineration. Between our food bank partnerships, store-wide composting programme, and our recycling efforts we currently divert 83% of our waste. We need your help to keep moving towards our goal. Please help us by using the recycling bins provided throughout the store for all of the solid waste you generate whilst in our shop. Many thanks!



We donate goods approaching the end of their shelf life to organisations that supply meals for those in need, such as: The Upper Room, a hard-working West London charity that runs a free restaurant for the homeless. The Upper Room was awarded an Andy Ludlow Award for their work distributing food around London using homeless and ex-offender workers. We also work with Earls Court YMCA and Equal People Mencap supporting their client cooking educational programmes.




We compost our organic waste at the composting facility nearest to our store. We partner with a company called Bio Collectors who collect our fruit and vegetable trimmings and items unfit for sale or charity collection. They take this to their facility in South London and after processing, it becomes fertiliser for farms in Surrey, lowering those farms use of petro-chemical fertilisers.