Wheaton Personal Shopping Program

Whole Foods Market Wheaton is proud to be offering our new Personal Shopping program! Just send an e-mail to mw.wtn.personalshopper@wholefoods.com with your your grocery needs and we will do your shopping for you.  Call 630-588-1500 if you have questions.

Some specifics to get you started:

  • Hours: Monday through Friday 11-6pm for picking up
  • Charge: 10% on each order surcharge
  • No minimum order
  • Curbside pick-Up
  • No alcohol
  • Accepting orders by e-mail only
  • Two Hour lead time needed
  • No gratuity accepted: Instead of a tip, tell your friends about our great service!
  • Email: mw.wtn.personalshopper@wholefoods.com

Tips to using our program:

  • Be specific with brands as possible, or ask for our 365 Everyday Value Brand to ensure the highest quality at the best price.
  • Let us know if you have special diet needs
  • If you have questions, ask! This program is designed to make your life easier....we are happy to help!
  • Check out our Sales flyer and our Whole Deal Coupon Book.