Chef AJ Cooking Class & Book Signing

You don’t know beans!  In this delicious class, each recipe will feature at least one variety of bean.  High in fiber and naturally low in fat, beans are a great protein source for  people who worry about getting enough protein on a plant based diet.
They also contain something called resistant starch which means that not all of the calories you eat from beans even get absorbed.

You will learn how to make a 3 Beans Portabella Mushroom Chili in under 10 minutes, a Kale Dip out of annelini beans and decadena Fudge Brownies out of black beans.  And best of all, you will get to sample each recipe.


Please RSVP at, at the Customer Service desk, or via Facebook or Twitter: @WFMArroyo.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013 -
18:30 to 20:00
Whole Foods Market Arroyo
$10/person, does not include book, proceeds benefit Whole Planet Foundation