Daily Dose of Chocolate Cooking Class

Who doesn't love chocolate?!?  It's undeniable that chocolate is divine, but not all chocolate is created equal.  Come in and get your daily prescription for bringing the chocolatey goodness in to your daily life while creating a healthier and happier YOU.  


Join Holistic + Functional Nutritionist, Andie Jones, at Whole Foods Cherry Creek to learn why you want to consider making chocolate part of your everyday diet.  And, just how you can include chocolate in a variety of mouth-watering recipes throughout the day … we're talking way more than dessert folks!


We're stepping away from the guilt and bringing chocolate into the spotlight as a super-charged super food to keep you lean, vibrant, and youthful!


Class will be in the community room, and space is very limited, so sign up soon by calling 720.941.4100!  Every attendee with also receive a $5 gift card (sweet!).  Visit www.LiveBeWell.com for more of Andie's healthy recipes, nutrition know-how, and inspiration for making healthy happen with a busy life!

Thursday, February 21, 2013 - 18:30 to 20:00
Community Room