Live Music - The Patrick Bradley Band

Patrick Bradley is a self-taught musician who began playing at the age of eight. He has a diverse background of jazz-fusion, smooth jazz, gospel, rock, progressive rock and classical music. As an independent artist Patrick’s 2007 debut record sold internationally in 14 countries along with the single Come Rain or Shine reaching #26 on the charts. Under the Sun is Bradley’s next musical release and continues his musical adventure and the story keeps getting brighter.

Patrick Bradley and Jeff Lorber collaborated on much of this project. The two-powerhouse keyboardist coupled with an all-star cast truly created a fresh unique sound and writing style.

The project strikes a remarkable balance between highlighting the talent and songwriting of Bradley while sharing the space freely with the enormously gifted cast of musicians. When everything is said and done the songwriting is tremendous, and adventurous. Whether it is the delicate beauty and melodies of Just Let Go with Dave Koz, the crowd-pleasing jam sessions with Rick Braun and Patrick, the soul depth of Tears from the Sky featuring Dwight Sills on Guitar, the dueling solos with Patrick and Jeff on Under the Sun or the musical adventures of The Empress of Dalmatia. There is something for every listener on this project.

Patrick is playing piano as his main instrument on the project. But Under the Sun beckons back to Bradley’s roots. The Hammond B-3 was the instrument of Bradley’s early upbringing. So, there is no surprise hearing the soaring organ solos throughout the project. Some of Bradley’s early influences of Keith Emerson, Rick Wakeman and Chick Corea peer through the hidden veil creating a dynamic style yet with a warm and welcoming approachability for all listeners.

Patrick was quoted saying; “Under The Sun is a project born during times of difficulty and triumph yet all with a sense of celebrating all that life has to offer. Musically I want to help encourage hopefulness and to help remind us all to keep the important priorities of life in view, having an eternal perspective, loving and caring for our families, loved ones, friends and all the relationships we all value. Time flies by all too fast so let’s celebrate our brief time under the sun.”

Friday, May 10, 2013 - 18:00 to 19:00
The Trifecta Tavern