Mom-O-Rama :: Starting Solids Mom's Class

Join the ladies from The Motherhood in Denver as they exploring an ancient introduction to first foods.  Starting solids is good, messy, healthy fun! The science and art of starting solids for your baby is very compelling. When babies are allowed to feed themselves they are much better able to self-regulate and explore foods in a safe manner. Breast milk teaches a baby about the flavors of foods the family eats. Cultures that eat spicy foods have mothers with spicy tasting breast milk. When babies are not forced to eat, they honor their own satiety and have less risk of over-eating later in life. Babies won't eat anything they are not ready to consume. If they have fed themselves in a sitting up posture they will spit out what they can't swallow. Solids don't replace breast milk or formula feeds until a baby is past their first birthday. By playing with foods, babies can explore texture, volume and distance.


Every attendee will receive a $5 gift card, and space is limited!  Call 720.941.4100 to snag a stop.

Thursday, May 9, 2013 -
10:00 to 11:30
Community Room