No ‘Guilt’ Comfort Food & More…! With Living Foods Chef, Nina Curtis

“So you think eating ‘healthy’ is boring?”…Well, think again!


Join ‘Live’ Food Gourmet Chef Nina Curtis as she shows you how to prepare delicious, mouthwatering, flavorful food that will delight the most discerning palate! Think pizza, sushi and more…!


Transitioning into a ‘Live’ way of eating or just adding more plant-based foods to your diet is the ‘real’ health insurance for wellness and longevity! Chef Nina will show you just how easy it is to do…


Come and join us for a ‘good eating’ time!


Nina Curtis, Founder and President of The Nile Institute and 'Beauty & the Beet' in West Hollywood, CA, has over 25 years experience in the professional personal care and wellness industry. She is a well-respected Wholistic Esthetician, certified Natural Health Professional, certified Health and Wellness Coach, certified Iridologist, certified Health and Fitness Professional, and certified Living Light Institute Gourmet Raw Vegan Food Chef.

Nina is passionate about your Health, Well-Being and Beauty!


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Wednesday, October 16, 2013 - 18:00 to 19:30
Whole Foods Market, 3rd & Fairfax