October 21: Caramel Apple Day

    Happy Caramel Apple Day!

    Although Kraft Foods claim their sales representative Dan Walker invented caramel apples in the 1950s -- boosting sales of Kraft caramels, no doubt -- the sweet treat actually dates back to the late 1800s, with the arrival of inexpensive caramel. Once a sought-after Halloween treat, its popularity coinciding with the autumnal harvest, caramel apples have all but disappeared on the trick-or-treat trail, as kids in recent years have been sworn to stick to prepackaged, sealed treats.

    Nonetheless, caramel apples remain a Halloween staple, even if they may represent a bygone era. Martha Stewart's Classic Caramel Apple recipe is pretty kid-friendly, or if you'd prefer an adult version, try these directions for a festive Caramel Apple Martini. In sticking to the traditional recipe, the classic Red Delicious apple is often favored, but crisp and tart-flavored types like Granny Smith or McIntosh work well too -- just make sure to avoid overly sweet apples, so can you can aptly capture the proper sweet-tart balance of the dessert.

    Read more: http://www.slashfood.com/2010/10/21/caramel-apple-day/#ixzz27gQbDXxo


Sunday, October 21, 2012 (All day)
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