Pizza Workshop for Families

Fri. Nov. 23 •• 5 – 8pm
For ages 6 & up; 1 adult required
Pizza Workshop for Families

Discover the joys of authentic pizza making together with your family in this fun hands-on class. Italy’s pizzas, known for their thin crusts and judiciously chosen toppings, are famous around the world. You’ll have fun quality time together as you learn how to make a traditional pizza dough, tomato sauce and white sauce, and then shape your dough to make authentic varieties of pizzas. Families will love this fun-filled class devoted to replicating this Neapolitan classic at home. MENU: Margherita, Carbonara, Pepperoni, & Formaggi Pizzas (or a pizza creation all their own) and Classic Caesar Salad. $29 per child under 18; $39 per adult



TO REGISTER call 980-213-2400 OR 980-213-2096

Friday, November 23, 2012 -
17:00 to 20:00
Whole Foods Market Charlotte, NC
$29/ child and $39/adult