ScrapKins: recycled, hands-on art program for kids!

Come see us on Wednesdays for hands-on arts and crafts for kids ages 5-12! Drop in anytime between 1-3; most projects will take about 45 min- 1 hour to complete. It's a great time to get your weekly grocery shopping completed! (*Children under the age of 7 require a guardian to be present.) Sign up for one, or the entire series, by calling Guest Services at 503-639-6500. See the complete schedule below! 


June 19: Buzz Buzz Buzz! Inside a Bee Colony.

            What all the buzz about? We find ourselves immersed in a bee colony this week.  We will learn what it is like to be a bee and some summer fun they have.  We even will get to create our very own bee colony that you can take home.


June 26: Musical Snakes!

            Have you ever wanted to be in a band or make music?  Ever wondered how a snake got his rattle? Well, this week we will combine the two and make a 'Shake a Snake' and create a summer camp band!




July 10: Even Bats Can Have Fun!

Summer is the time for fun, what are some activities or some places that you go to in the summer to have fun? Did you ever wonder what animals do for fun, how about bats? Come 'hang' out this week, were we will become bats and learn how to have fun on summer nights.


July 17: Making Summer Reading Fun.     

Lets read about some animals this week, but before we do that we need something to keep our place. We will make a page peeker bookmark that will help us always find our place while reading this summer.


July 24: Birds Ahoy!

            Summer is the perfect time to bird watch, but how might you ask can we attract birds to watch? This week we will be making birdfeeders that we can set up in our own backyard so we can bird watch any day! We might even get to see some during camp!


July 31: Lets start a garden!

            Our summer camp starts out with all things green! We will learn about how gardens work and what you need to do to make them grow and flourish. We will even start our own seedlings that you can take home and start your own garden.


Aug 7: Veggies to the rescue!

            Continuing with our green theme, come hang out this week and write your very own lunchtime comics featuring our favorite fruits or vegetables. We will also be creating our own book binding to publish our comics in! Let your imagination grow this week and decide how you will feature your favorite healthy snacks.


Aug 14: Build Your Own Garden

            This week we can bring the garden to us. Do you live in an apartment or a small place where you can’t plant something in the ground? Well we are going to make our very own bottle planter that you can put anywhere!


Aug 21: When Veggie Monsters Attack!

            Lets turn everyday household items into our very own tube monsters or veggie friends.  You can decide if there are veggie monsters out there and can turn your favorite fruit or vegetable into something fun.  We will create these and learn about fruits and vegetables of the rainbow this week at summer camp.


Aug. 28:  Summer's Ending But the Fun Does Not!

            Even though this is the last week of camp this does not mean the end of fun.  We will make our very own letters and envelopes that you can send to your principal, state senator, or even the Whole Kids Foundation to ask for your very own garden or salad bar in your school.  Whatever you write we will make sure your letter gets mailed and to the proper person!





Wednesday, June 19, 2013 - 13:00 to 15:00
on the patio