Teen Culinary Workshop

Teens will learn how to become master chefs in a series of summer workshops. We’ll start with the basics and gradually add new skills. Drop in for one class, or sign-up for the whole summer! All skill levels are welcome. Grades 6-12.

Week 2: Kick it Up a Notch
Tuesday, July 16th
Today, we will snack healthy! Students will be able to "construct" their own granola, using a variety of ingredients of their choosing. Students will then get to make their own granola, fruit and yogurt parfait.
Wednesday, July 17th
In this class, we will make healthy versions of our favorite junk foods...milkshakes, French fries, cheesy tortilla chips, and candy bars!
Thursday, July 18th
In the final class of this month's series, we will make a healthy and easy homemade mac & cheese, along with fresh smoothies that we will serve to our family at the end of class.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013 - 17:00 to 18:30
Cooking Class
$15/class, $40/week