UnDiet your Diet with Katie Den Ouden

Instead of choosing another fad diet to follow in the new year, leaving you feeling deprived and controlled by food, learn how to Understand and Control Your Cravings, Eliminate Emotional Eating (and Overeating), and Give Your Body What It Is Nutritionally Needing so you can have your excess weight melt off of you for good, feel great and look great in your body, and never feel like you are dieting and restricting again – instead, feel like you can indulge, savor, and celebrate.


Don’t diet. UnDiet.


Join Int’l Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach, Katie Den Ouden, as she dives into 1) what keeps you stuck on the diet roller-coaster, 2) the key foods to get you off of the diet train, cravings, and emotional eating, and 3) the specific thought patterns and lifestyle habits you must have in order to truly UnDiet your diet and your life. Plus, sample some easy taste-bud-tantalizing treats that will get you started UnDieting in your life right away.


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Tuesday, January 8, 2013 - 18:30 to 20:00
Community Room