This Week's Wine Tastings

Monday, April 8                 Happy Hour Specials: $2 Off Wines BTG 4-6pm

Tuesday, April 9                 Happy Hour Specials: $2 Off Wines BTG 4-6pm

Wednesday, April 10       Happy Hour Specials: $2 Off Wines BTG 4-6pm

Thursday, April 11             Eric Turner From Warrant Rocks the House  32 Pennies 4-7pm

Friday, April 12                   Gina’s TGIF $10 4-7pm

Saturday, April 13             Quintessential Wines & Rik’s Picks $10 2-6:30pm

Sunday, April 14                Everything’s Coming Up Roses! Flight of 4 Wines $5 12-6 pm


Thursday, April 11th: Meet, Greet & Drink With a Rockstar: Erik Turner From Warrant! Only 32 Pennies 4:30-7pm And you thought Brad and Angelina were the only celebrities making wine? Take it on “Blind Faith” that Erik can rock out some vinous “Heaven”, too! Join us as we host Warrant guitarist Erik Turner as he pours his killer juice from South Coast, they’re smooth as “Cherry Pie”!


Friday, April 12th- Gina’s TGIF Y’all may get to take the weekend off, but Gina & the Hangar Gang will be busy serving up some current faves to get your weekend started right! She won’t give anything up, you know how sneaky she can be, and how y’all stand to benefit from it… $10 4-7pm Reservations Recommended


Saturday, April 13th- Quintessential Wines & Rik’s Picks! It’s the 13th…are ya feelin’ lucky? What the heck does Rik know about wine? Why, whatever Gina’s been teaching him! Join us tonight to see what he’s learned, we’re letting him pouring some tasty stuff from Quintessential Wines, too…$10 4-7pm



Monday, April 8, 2013 (All day) to Sunday, April 14, 2013 (All day)
Hangar Bar
Prices vary