Planning Potlucks with Special Diets in Mind

Learn how to avoid culinary land mines at your next potluck with these crowd-pleasing recipes and tips for special diet restriction you may encounter.

DIY Ice Cream Sandwiches

Here’s the scoop on what you need to know to make your most delicious (most creative!) ice cream sammies yet.

Cooking with Kids: Summer Berry Pudding

Longer days, warmer temperatures, and plenty of fresh ingredients on hand — this time of year is ripe for getting the kids involved in the kitchen. And Summer Berry Pudding is fun to make and even more fun to eat!

Succulent Ways to Savor Salmon

Everyone in the family loves salmon's rich flavor that is well suited to a variety of preparations. And right now is a great time to get on the salmon boat, because it’s Copper River salmon time!

Pink Wine Punch: Freshly Made

Marie Guggedahl shares her favorite new recipe video: Pink Wine Punch.

What to Make This Week

Need help figuring out the age-old question of what to make for dinner? We can help! Here are seven recipes for inspired meal planning.

Making and Using Shrubs and Syrups

Get to know shrubs and syrups, the season’s hottest accessory for cooling drinks, creative cocktails and more.

Build a Better Side Salad

Learn to easily keep side salads on the healthy side by trying different combinations and embracing fresh, frozen and canned veggies. Add a little color to your plate with these healthy salad (and dressing) recipes!

Cooked Shrimp, The No-Cook Meal Solution

Lovers of cooking don’t always love turning on the oven at mealtimes, especially as summer heats up. Cooked shrimp serves as a versatile solution to feed your family while keeping the summer heat outside.

8 Money-Saving Tips for Summer Grilling

Whether it’s a dinner for two or a backyard bash for 20, you can enjoy summer grilling on a budget. Here are eight of our favorite tips, plus must-try budget-friendly recipes.


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