Cooking with Beer for Oktoberfest

Replace some or all of the liquid in your recipes with your favorite brew. Try these creative ways to celebrate Oktoberfest in your kitchen.

Celebrate the Wurst Oktoberfest Ever

At Oktoberfest in Munich, they generally serve more than ten million pints of beer and close to a million sausages. Of course, they have a reputation to uphold as the birthplace of Oktoberfest back in 1810, celebrating the wedding of Crown Prince Luitpold I and Princess Theressa of Bavaria. It strikes me a little odd that we are still celebrating that union today. But, of course, it may be that we are really celebrating the perfect union of wurst (sausage) and brew (beer) instead!


10 One-Pot Wonders

The official start of fall is just days away, but I’ve been in a fall-cooking mindset since Labor Day. For me that doesn’t just mean cool-weather produce like apples, butternut squash and Brussels sprouts – it means hearty meals that don’t require a lot of post-dinner cleanup. As we creep toward winter, I know I’d rather spend extra time soaking up the remaining sun than doing a mountain of dishes!

That’s why I turn to one-pot meals like spicy chili, simmered soups and fast frittatas to get dinner on the table.


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