Collards Are the New Kale

Kale is all the rage these days, but it isn’t the only healthy green out there. Have you heard the siren call of collards yet?

What to Make This Week

Need help figuring out the age-old question of what to make for dinner? We can help! Here are seven recipes for inspired meal planning.

Making Green, Grain-Free Wraps

Collards, kale and other dark, leafy greens are a surprisingly delicious alternative to wheat wraps. They’re healthy, gluten-free, fat-free and add a lot of character to wrap recipes.

Secrets to a Healthy Pantry

Make sure these healthy foods are on your shopping list and your pantry will be stocked with everything you need to create fast and healthy meals at home.

Healthy Techniques to Try

January offers up a great opportunity for giving your kitchen routine a revamp. I’m working on eating plenty of salads, drinking lots of water and topping my morning oatmeal with fresh fruit, but I also pay close attention to cooking practices for an extra fresh start.

These four simple techniques will help you cut back on sodium and fat, reduce consumption of meat, bump your intake of veggies and stay cozy in the chilly winter months. Bonus!

Here’s how to tackle your new kitchen strategy:

Restaurant-Worthy Meals Done at Home, Healthier

Are you trying to stick with a healthy diet but still craving restaurant food? Dine in at home with these satisfying healthy recipes and you won’t miss a thing!

Great Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is smooth, thick and decadently creamy. Try it in one of these 15 ways.

What to Make This Week

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to get back into the kitchen and but don’t know where to start? Here are some ideas for what to make for dinner this week. Choose one or all for a week full of new flavors!

Six Great Grain Recipes to Discover Now

Six winter grain recipes to discover now – and carry with you into the new year.

Five Things to Add to Your Smoothies in 2014

If your blender gets a daily workout, bravo! Smoothies are an easy way to get fruit and veggie goodness into your diet during the winter. And they’re particularly good for those eating dairy-free – the satisfying creaminess of a well-blended smoothie can’t be beat!

Looking to shake things up? Experiment with these add-ins and fall in love with the slurp all over again.




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