9 Good Kitchen Habits for Easier Mornings

 Overnight OatmealI’m not a stick-to-a-schedule type of person, but my mornings have been a lot less stressful since I’ve worked a few good habits into my normal schedule. 

Bagging a Better Lunch for Less

Healthy Lunch

Dining at your desk? Making school lunches for the little ones? Packing a meal to eat on-the-go? For lunching away from home, there’s no reason to be sandwiched between flavor and savings. Here are five of our favorite money-saving tips for bagging a better lunch.

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Four Foods to Have on Hand for Dinner in a Flash

Here’s a typical pre-kid meal scenario: my husband and I come home from working all day, crack open a cold one and meet in the kitchen to create a “quick-n-easy” meal inspired by whatever celebrity chef we happened to see on TV that week. Sounds ideal, right? Here’s the catch: it’s nine at night!

“How will we ever feed our (future) kids?” I groan over the oven-roasted rutabaga.


Marinate Your Way to Healthier Meals

We all know meat and seafood love a good soak in flavorful marinade, but plant-based foods do, too.

Marinating requires a subtle balancing act that once achieved will catapult your basic vegetarian faves to new heights. Grab a few blocks of tofu, a slab of tempeh and all the produce you can manage and head to the kitchen for a little advanced preparation.

The Marinatee

Let’s Cook: Broccoli with Chile-Almond Dressing

Watch and learn how to make a flavorful yet super simple sauce for broccoli and soba noodles, a great summertime combo.

Good Food Guidance 24/7

The Essential Good Food GuideYou know how there’s that one friend or co-worker who always knows everythin

Whole Wheat Crêpes for the Whole Family

Sweet Crepes


Six of Our Favorite Wholesome Snack Supplies

Whether you’re running errands around town, heading out on a hike, or rushing and skipping breakfast or lunch, snacking occasions can pop up with surprising freque


Food52’s No-Cook Summer Recipes

Save yourself from the kitchen’s heat with recipes that require no cooking at all. We’ve chosen summer dishes that are refreshing, easy to put together, and will keep you far, far away from a hot oven or stove. And they’ll pack up well, too. Make these dishes ahead of time, store them in your fridge, and then find a cool, shady spot to enjoy your meal. 

Recipe: Zuccaghetti



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