How to Construct a Sparkly Cocktail

It wouldn’t be the holidays without a little bit of sparkle – especially in our cocktails. From their animated appearance to their tongue-tickling bubbles, sparkling cocktails are made for celebrations. And with the right combinations of flavors and additions, such as liqueur infused with bitter orange, sugar cubes, or lemon twists, effervescent cocktails can appeal to everyone in the crowd (over 21, that is!).


Christmas Brunch: A Perfect Present

No matter your cooking style – whether you like to keep things simple or go all out – you can enjoy a fabulous breakfast on Christmas morning.

Five Budget-Friendly Appetizers Worth Celebrating

Here’s a taste of the party perfect foods that we’re making this season without financial fallout.

Something For Everyone Party Spread

Special diets can be confusing if you’re not used to them, but once you know the ins and outs, it is very simple to prepare meals everyone can enjoy.

Five Must-Haves for Your Christmas Pantry

Cocktail parties, cookie swaps, work gatherings, school celebrations – December calendars get full fast so having a well-stocked pantry makes juggling easier. Here are our top five picks for making that happen.

Quick Breads for Easy Breakfasts

Now that the winter chill is on and guests are filling the house, quick breads and muffins are my go-to for fast and delicious breakfasts.

Your Best (And Easiest!) Cocktail Party

Holiday parties are all about the mixing and mingling. Rather than serve a large meal or buffet, providing snacks that can be eaten one-handed means plenty of opportunity for socializing and minimal time in the kitchen.

How to Host a Cookie Swap

Holiday Favorite: Spiced Nuts

Whether you put spiced nuts out to share with company or you use them to complement salads, desserts or breakfast cereal, this simple, classic treat is a holiday must.

Easy Peasy Dessert Party + a Sale!

La dolce vita for me is sharing good eats with friends. Over the years I’ve found that a dessert party is one of the most delightful, least stressful and utterly scrumptious ways to celebrate the season. Here’s my advice for a deliciously easy dessert buffet.


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