Grilling on Sticks: Kabobs

Kabob-a-licious! Who doesn’t love grilled yummy stuff on a stick? Plus, you can stack all of your favorite foods for grilling. Kabobs are fun to make, fun to eat and endlessly versatile.

Ways to Stay Hydrated in the Summer Heat

When life gives you a summer scorcher, make lemonade…or limeade, iced tea, slushies or coolers!

A Quick Guide to Quick Pickles

Quick pickles aren’t complicated and don’t require any special equipment or fancy kitchen gadgets. They’re perfect for the summer bounty of fruits and vegetables.

Succulent Swordfish Recipes

Swordfish is not like other fishes – rich and meaty, it’s almost hard to believe you’re eating seafood! I had only ever tried swordfish in restaurants, thinking that it would be much too difficult to prepare at home. Luckily, I was wrong! Swordfish cooked at home can be on the table in only a few minutes. Summer is the best time to catch swordfish at its freshest. For a few short weeks harpoon-caught swordfish comes to us from a Nova Scotia fishery certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council.

Cherryriffic Recipes

Summer is so full of fresh fruit that it’s hard to decide just which one to snack on. Unless the sweet cherries have come in! We always pick up a bag of juicy dark-red cherries for the family to share, and it’s one of my son’s favorite fruits to eat. He loves helping prep them by pulling off the stem and handing them to me for the pitting. It’s not long before we’ve worked through half the bag and splattered cherry juice all over the kitchen table. The sweet fruit makes it worth a little mess, though! Cherries are delicious in a variety of dishes, from classic pie to savory scallops.


Cooking with Cashews

Perfect for dairy-free cooking, cashews are a flavorful addition to all types of appetizers, main dishes, salads and desserts. Try cashews in traditional as well as contemporary recipes.

Cold Soups for Hot Days

I’m one of those people who love soup year-round. It’s not only easy to make, but amazingly customizable, ultra comforting and of course, the perfect thing to dip crusty bread into. So when summer’s temperatures start creeping up, it doesn’t stop me from whipping up a batch of soup – cold soup, that is! If you’ve never tried a cold soup before, you’re in for a treat. The most traditional cold soup, gazpacho, is made from the best that summer has to offer: juicy ripe tomatoes and crisp cucumbers. More than any salad, it’s summer in a bowl. Ready to get refreshed?


Summer's Sweetest Melon Recipes

Now’s the time to go all out with summer melons. Whether you show up at the next picnic balancing a watermelon on your hip, or add chunks of cantaloupe to your morning smoothie and summer fruit salads, there are lots of ways to appreciate melons. Here are some of our favorite recipes featuring one of summer’s most refreshing fruits: Drinks and Coolers

Smart Solutions for Summer On the Go

Whether nourishing your body with sensible snacks or revitalizing with the right body products, plan ahead for summer adventures with these handy travel tips.

Summer Entertaining: Cocktail Hour on the Porch

We asked some team members to share how they pull off summer entertaining with panache instead of panic. Jennifer shared her tips for hosting a last-minute dinner party. Now, it’s Elizabeth’s turn.


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