Great Gravy!

Gravy is the linchpin of any celebrated Thanksgiving feast – it manages to tie all the meal elements together and is one of those special holiday things many of us rarely make outside of Thanksgiving.  

Pour it over dressing, mashed potatoes and turkey, sop it up with a roll and be sure to save a little for your leftovers sandwich.

The Art of the Thanksgiving Salad

Thanksgiving is a holiday of indulgence. It’s a day of decadent pies, thick slices of turkey, rich gravies, loaded stuffings and all manner of potato-based sides. We fully support feasting on this day of thanks, but let’s be honest – sometimes your palate needs a little break from the heavy-hitters. Try adding one of these six salads to your Thanksgiving spread to offset your feast – and prepare for them to be the first to run out.


Have a Healthy Holiday: Thanksgiving Edition

One of the biggest and most hotly anticipated meals of the year comes, thankfully (ha!), as the fall harvest season wraps up. Count on winter squash, fresh cranberries, Brussels sprouts, root veggies and a few tropical fruits for a truly special Thanksgiving feast. Skipping added oils, sweeteners and sodium also means you can focus on the flavors of the foods you love.

Perk up your plate with these flavorful, healthy holiday options.

How to Host Your First Thanksgiving

It’s only the biggest meal of the season. The one people have waited all year for. A meal wrapped up in tradition and family and tied with a rosemary bow. No pressure, right?

How to Stock a Serious Thanksgiving Pantry

This year I will be hosting my first ever Thanksgiving. I have a little notebook going with my menu plan and my brother-in-law is on cocktail-planning standby.

Here's how I'm stocking my pantry for success and you can, too.

A Vegan Thanksgiving Feast

I’m grateful for sound solutions for special diets. After hosting The Big Meal for more than five years with some vegan guests, here’s what I’ve learned.

There are a few approaches: the host offers a vegan main, a side and a dessert; vegan guests bring dishes and the host makes a couple too; or the entire meal can be vegan. Whichever strategy you choose, a vegan Thanksgiving is easier and tastier than you may think. I promise.

Recipes for Success

What to Do with Pumpkin Seeds

 Roasted Pumpkin SeedsWhen I was a kid, Halloween to me was mainly about the roasted pumpkin seeds! Sure, I dressed up and went trick-or-treating around my neighborhood, but candy just wasn’t my thing.


Fast Food for Tweens

Feeding a tween is like riding a rollercoaster. Some days it’s exhilarating: we’re intrepid explorers, discovering new flavors together! Other times it’s the pits: we’re stuck in a rut and we’re going to be eating mac and cheese for the rest of our lives!

My 10-year-old son is by turns adventurous and avoidant. He loves sushi but hates sandwiches. He’s into spicy foods but refuses to taste bananas or mashed potatoes. As a busy parent, I’ve developed a few strategies to help my temperamental tween try new things and get the nutrients he needs:

Food52’s Best Bite-Sized Recipes for Your Little Sous Chef

Cooking projects with children are slightly intimidating, but fear not – cooking with your kids doesn’t have to be chaotic or end with the ingredients splattered all over the counters and floor.

Done right, cooking with your little sous chefs can be a great source of fun in the kitchen! And in addition to creating something delicious together, it builds valuable life skills.


The Very Versatile Butternut Squash

Learn to Cook: Roasted Butternut SquashI once had a pumpkin-pie craving emergency that I quickly satisfied with the butternut squash I had on hand.


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