We've Got Outstanding Turkeys

We can trace our turkeys back to the farm they are raised on, ensuring that they meet our standards for no antibiotics or animal byproducts in their feed. Learn more and compare.

What’s With That Holiday Table?

Have you ever been in our stores during the fall, walked by our Holiday Table and wondered, “What the heck is that? What are those people doing?” Well, the short answer is: “Those people are making their holidays less stressful.” Who couldn’t use some of that? We put together this video to help show how the team members at our Holiday Table can help make things easier for you.

Michigan Turkey Producers

With the biggest turkey cooking event of the year right around the corner, it's the perfect time to introduce you to some of the local farmers who raise the turkeys we provide for your Thanksgiving dinner.

Our Best Holiday Helpers

Ready for the crazy, busy, exciting holiday season? Find our best tips, recipes, entertaining help and video how-to’s on our holiday pages.

Make it Natural: Gluten-Free Pie Crust

Spice Up Your Holidays

mexcocoa Today's quiz: Which common culinary spice brings feelings of cozy warmth and fills the kitchen with its sweet aroma while baking? Here's a hint: No apple pie would dare be caught without it. If you guessed cinnamon, you'd get an A!

Recycling Christmas Lights

Chutneys and Fruit Sauces for the Thanksgiving Table

Wow your guests with these decadent chutneys and sauces, they will think you spent hours, but they only take minutes to prepare! And here’s the big secret for the rest of your Thanksgiving feast; you don’t have to do everything yourself! Our Prepared Foods Department can organize everything from the sides to the turkey, and our bakery department has your dessert needs covered!

The Roots of Thanksgiving

Learn about the true roots of this day of feasting, hear about Beaujolais Nouveau and why it’s great with turkey, and pick up some tips on getting the whole family involved in the preparation of the feast.


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